The Healthy Hound Newsletter #67

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In This Issue

● Ticks On The Rise
● Heart Attacks In Dogs
● US Bans Dogs From 113 Countries
● Has The Pandemic Changed Your Dog?
● The #1 Question Vets Hear
● Restaurants With Doggy Menus

U.S. Tick Populations Have Jumped 15% Since Last Year

Every U.S. state is affected by at least one of the seven disease-spreading ticks native to our country. Since last year these creepy-crawly pests have enjoyed a 15% population boom, increasing the number of pet parents seeing ticks on their dogs.

Many tick-borne illnesses can affect humans as well as pets, so it is all the more important to protect your furry friends.

Find out how to check your dog for ticks, remove ticks properly, recognize the signs of tick-borne illnesses, and determine when to seek veterinary attention.

The Easiest Way To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean & Healthy

Brushing your dog’s teeth can be a nightmare for both of you. Try Happy, Healthy™ Brushy Sticks Dental Dog Treats to freshen your dog’s breath instead.

A favorite with vets, these tasty chewable sticks remove dangerous bacteria that hide in your dog’s mouth. The delicious taste keeps pups happy, plus they’re healthy, so they’re pet-parent approved!

Which of these is NOT a sign of a heart attack in dogs?

  1. Aggression
  2. Vomiting
  3. Sudden Death

Not sure? Read on to find the answer!

What Does A Heart Attack Look Like In Dogs?

Heart attacks in dogs are rare but they do happen, and it is important to know the signs in order to act quickly and save your dog’s life.

As in humans, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and serious bacterial infections put dogs at greater risk of heart attacks.

This post details the causes, symptoms, treatments, and recovery prognosis for heart attacks in dogs.

U.S. Bans Dogs From 113 Countries, Delaying Rescue For Countless At-Risk Pups

Last year, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) discovered a 52 percent increase in falsified rabies certificates of dogs coming into the United States.

The dramatic increase is likely connected to an increase in adoption demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, fewer animals will be permitted to arrive in the country which could affect already at-risk dogs.

Find out what this means for dogs from Kenya, Uganda, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Vietnam, North Korea, Nepal, China, Syria and more.

Plastic and metalized polypropylene bags (such as those chips come in) pose a major suffocation risk to pets. Always dispose of them safely.

Survey Reveals How The Pandemic Has Changed Our Pets

A recent survey cataloging thousands of pet parents found that many pets have had to adjust to a new way of life during the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in behavioral changes for many of them.

Over 65% of participants reported changes in their pets’ behavior – both positive and negative – during lockdown in 2020.

Find out how changes in routine and socialization may have affected your pup.

Vet Reveals The Most Common Question Dog Owners Ask

Of all the strange behaviors and potential medical conditions our dogs may present, Caroline Reay, Head of Veterinary Services at national pet charity Blue Cross, says there is one topic she gets asked about more often than any other: Toe nails.

“How often should I trim my dog’s nails?” “What can I do to make it easier on my pup?” “How do I know when to stop?”

Dr. Reay has all the answers to your nail trim-related questions.

14 Chain Restaurants With (Secret) Menu Items For Dogs

Want to treat your very good boy or girl to a cool summer treat? These 14 chain restaurants have locations all over North America and serve a variety of dog-safe snacks and meals.

**Before you load up your pup and head to one of these spots, remember: If there is a chance you will have to leave your dog in the car – even for a few minutes – it is safer to leave them at home!

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Quiz Answer:

1. Aggression. Dogs can show a wide variety of symptoms during a heart attack, but aggressive behavior is not one of them.


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